We are a biotechnology company conducting consistent and continued
research in natural and herbal medicine so as to develop functional candidates
for efficient, reliable and natural medicine.
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Beauty Products
At the core of our beauty business is the will to give our very best to create, develop and produce a new concept of herbal cosmetics that combine all the benefits from Korean Herbal Medicine theory and prescription, and state-of-the-art cosmetics and health technology.
Getting recognition for the excellence of our savoir-faire all along the creation until production process is our goal, not only in our domestic market of South Korea, but also in our every export destination, in China and Southeast Asia, and soon to the whole world.

Development of Natural Beauty Products based on Korean Medicine principles

Apply Kyunghee University College of Korean Medicine's many patents and deep prescription knowledge

Lead the trend for Natural / Anti-Pollution Products

Increase online sales by adapting to each platform's concept and business model.

Develop exports by tapping into China's, Europe's and the Americas' markets

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    Atopy Treatment


    Natural Cosmetics for people 20 - 30 yo.

    Rose of Sharon

    Natural Esthetic Cosmetics for people 30+ yo.
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  • Korean Herbal Shampoo
    Natural Esthetic
    Mask Pack
    Sleeping Mask
    Natural Toothpaste