We are a biotechnology company conducting consistent and continued
research in natural and herbal medicine so as to develop functional candidates
for efficient, reliable and natural medicine.
Business Model Pharmaceuticals Nutraceuticals Beauty Products
Business Model
QGENETICS' value creation and revenue stream generation is built on years of methodical study, research, experience and know-how creation and development in the field of Korean Herbal Medicine.

In the medium term, we will create revenue by optimizing the monetization of the technology transfers of the functional materials we are developing.
These functional/active materials include, while not limited to, active compounds for functional foods (menopause symptoms relief, memory capacity improvement), our stem-cell proliferation and differentiation control technology for which we already own 10 patents, and our candidte materials for the development of innovative drugs for osteoporosis treatment, prostate hypertrophy treatment and dementia therapy.

In the short term, our profitability is coming from our increasing sales domestically as well as overseas, as we pioneer in the creation, development and production of cosmetics and household goods based on Korean Herbal Medicine.
Our strategy is supported by the globally increasing demand for more natural, healthy products, free of harmful chemicals.

Company value creation is something that we have in mind everyday, optimizing our inventories and our processes to become more agile all along the value chain as we grow.